Yomeishu Craft Gin Cocktail (with 2 kinds of Grapefruits & Herbs)

$130.00 $168.00

Recreating delicate scent of "Kuromoji" based on "KANOSHIZUKU (香雫)".
Authentic cocktail making the best use of botanical's property. Using pure water polished by Japan Central Alps as preparation water. Extract great taste and scent from fruits peel and herbs such as lemon peel. In addition, grapefruits and yuzu juice plus bitterness. 



You can enjoy the rich aroma of grapefruits and brilliant taste. 
Taste Note:

The taste of spicy herbs melts into the sweetness. Moreover, it becomes a high-qualified complicate cocktail by adding bitterness and sourness based on citrus. 


●ALC. 22%