Mars Maltage "COSMO" Blended Malt Whisky

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2017 Best Worldwide Whisky –Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Competition (HKIWSC)

Its name "Cosmo" refers to a peak located within mountains surrounding the distillery. Mars Maltage "Cosmo" is a blend of single malts distilled and aged in Shinshu, with single malts distilled and aged in Scotland. No age is indicated on the label, so it means that single malts used are relatively young, as you may know, the distillery started distilling again in 2011, and the old Scottish whiskeys are also expensive and rare, so the Chief Blender decided to focus on specific taste characteristics and selected each single malts himself.

Distillery: Shinshu Mars Distillery

Origin: Nagano, Japan

Distillery info: Situated between the north and south Japanese alps, Mars Shinshu is Japan’s highest whisky distillery, at 798 meters. The Hombo family have been distilling for more than a century. The environment of Shinshu Mars distillery is surrounded by granitic soil with crystal clear water source as well as nature bounty, makes the finest quality and high standard Mars whisky.ste.
Tasting Note:
Nose:Mild, honey, soft
Palate:Rich, sweet, honey, caramel, slightly, smoky flavor and ripped fruit
Finish:Mild and pleasant
A tasty blend of sweet flavors such as honey, caramel, and riped fruits, subtly highlighted by some woody and smoky hints.

●ALC. 43%