MARS WHISKY Malt Duo KOMAGATAKE × CHICHIBU Blended Malt Japanese Whisky #001


In 2015, Mars Shinshu Distillery and Venture Whiskey Chichibu Distillery began exchanging malt liquor and maturing it in their respective locations. 

This bottle is a blended malt Japanese whisky made by vatting the malt of two distilleries, "Komagatake" and "Chichibu", matured at Mars Shinshu Distillery. We hope you will enjoy this special bottle, which was created by refining the unique characteristics of both Komagatake and Chichibu.

TOP: Maple Syrup or Plum from Mars unique aroma with a hint of orange peel. Milky like sweetness, from Chichibu distillery's feature follows.

PALATE : Brandy cake, cacao and nutmeg flavor with a hint of smokiness.

AFTER : Gentle tannins like black tea spreads.



Bourbon Barrel, American White Oak, Sherry

Aged more than 5 years

PROFESSIONAL COMMENTS and TASTINGS       Japan     Hong Kong/Australia