Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky BOSHU (芒種)


The third in the 24-Season series

♫ ほーほー 蛍来い
厚岸モルトは 甘いぞ ♫

Since ancient times, this has been the best time to sow seeds of rice and wheat in Boshu.
In Japan, it was also believed that fireflies would reincarnate from the steaming, decaying grass during this season. There are many fireflies living here in Hokkaido, and you can see their pure shadows near the marshland in Akkeshi.

Please enjoy the early summer time with the malt grown up listening to the sea noise of the Akkeshi Bay.

Tasting Note:
A: Milk chocolate, dried fruits, nuttiness, sweetness, fire, peaty smoke
P: Sour like citrus, sweet like sugar syrup
F: Tide (salty), cocoa bitters (bitter), followed by citrus-like sweetness
●ALC. 55%