Mars Twin Alps Blended Whisky

$330.00 $350.00

"Twin Alps", representing the magnificent image of "Central Alps" and eastern "Southern Alps", which are the locations of the distillery. The Twin Alps Whisky from the MARS distillery is a good value for money entry level blended whisky. It is full bodied with a oaky wood fragrance.

Distillery: Shinshu Mars Distillery
Origin: Nagano, Japan
Distillery info: Situated between the north and south Japanese alps, Mars Shinshu is Japanese highest whisky distillery, at 798 meters. The Hombo family have been distilling for more than a century. The environment of Shinshu Mars distillery is surrounded by granitic soil with crystal clear water source as well as nature bounty, makes the finest quality and high standard Mars whisky.

Tasting Note:
A soft texture and a blended aroma of "vanilla and sweet biscuit" and "ripe fruit", giving you a calm flavor.

●ALC. 40%