Togouchi Japanese Blended Whisky Premium Alc 40% 700ml



Our blenders combine their expert skills and fine senses to identify and accentuate the qualities of whiskies to create our unique blends. Beginning from a whisky that was sleeping in the Togouchi Tunnel, our small step forward has become a huge leap through continued innovation. We now convey the fine yet complex harmony unique to Japanese whisky to people all around the world. We carefully select and blend malt whisky and
grain whisky distilled and aged by SAKURAO DISTILLERY and then bottle that blend to bring to you.


Blended Japanese Whisky Togouchi PREMIUM reflects the bountiful nature of Hiroshima.
The fragrance gradually builds up to fruity aroma,with a lingering woody taste.

(Message from the Brand)


Color Golden color
Nose Nuts and fruit
Palate A sweet flavor of vanilla and milk chocolate with moderate acidity
Finish Full-bodied sweetness with a woody aftertaste
Alcoholic Content 40%
Contents 700ml