The Herbalist Yaso Orange Gin Alc 45% 700ml

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    This new craft gin is richly infused with orange peel.
    It is made with sour and juicy Valencia orange peel and sweet and aromatic navel orange peel, with spices added.

    Recommended way to drink
    First, the recommended way to drink a gin and tonic.
    A gin and tonic is a drink in which gin is mixed with tonic water, a carbonated drink with a sweet, sour, and slightly bitter taste.
    First, fill a glass with ice and add about one-fourth to one-fifth of the gin. Add the tonic water and mix lightly with a spoon from the bottom, and you are ready to drink!
    For those who do not like sweetness, gin soda mixed with soda water or hot water is also recommended.

    Recommended snacks
    Cheesecake and raw chocolate are recommended as snacks.
    The fragrant orange goes well with milky cheese and the aroma of chocolate.
    If you would like to enjoy it with a meal, dishes using olive oil and tomatoes, such as Italian or Spanish cuisine, go well with it.
    And although it may seem an unexpected combination, it also goes well with Chinese food.
    How about a different way to enjoy Chinese food by combining Gin orange with slightly oily and thickened stir-fry dishes?

    ●ALC. 47%

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