The Akkeshi Blended Whisky Shosetsu(小雪)


Akkeshi Blended Whisky Shosetsu(小雪) is the 13rd in the 24 Season Series.

"Shosetsu" refers to the time of year when the sunlight weakens, autumn leaves begin to fall, and snow begins to fall on the mountains and other areas. Full-blown winter is just around the corner, and the cold gradually becomes more severe. It is necessary to be prepared for winter. This is considered a guideline for preparing for the end of the year.

The golden leaves of the deciduous pine trees in the mountains are about to fall.
The pure white whooper swans that fly to Lake Akkeshi invite the first snowfall.
The end of the year is filled with smiles as people warm themselves with a glass of peat-covered whisky from Akkeshi.


Tasting Notes 
Nose : Potapota-yaki (senbei rice cracker), honey lemon, raisin
Taste : Smoke, citrus-like acidity and sweetness
Finish : Poivre rosé, orange sauce, salted lemon


Type : Blended Whisky
Alcohol : 48%
Volume : 700ml