Single Cask KOMAGATAKE 2017 French Oak Cask #2122 62% 700ml #001


MARS WHISKY Single Cask KOMAGATAKE 2017 French Oak  Cask #2122 62% Asian Exclusive edition #7

This is the Asian Exclusive label that Mars Whisky is developing for Asia. It has been released annually since 2016, and 2022 will be Edition 7.

It is one of the few, French oak casks aged for 5 years. The complex aroma and taste of oak, malt, fruit, and other spices mixed with peat make this one of the best bottles in the series.

Distilled  2017
Bottled November,  2022
Ageb More than 5 Years
Production one of 269 bottles only
Cask Type French Oak Cask
Cask# 2122
Nose Soft lemon-tart aroma, mild oak and peat aroma are well balanced. Later, cool cardamom aroma
Taste Malt sweetness, spices like nutmeg and white pepper
Finish Bitter tannins from oak barrels
Type Japanese single cask whisky
Contents Malt(20ppm)
Abv. 62%
Volume 700ml