Sakurao Gin Hamagou 2022

$428.00 $540.00

 Distilled with 6 kinds of botanicals from Hiroshima and 6 kinds of imported botanicals for SAKURAO GIN HAMAGOU. Hamagou is the main character of this gin and it grows naturally at the seaside of Miyajima island, a world heritage site located near SAKURAO DISTILLERY. And we've selected Juniper berries from France which has a gorgeous top note that adds the strong gin flavor.


Two methods are used, steeping method and vapor method. Botanicals are selected in two groups and deepen with the steeping method or vapor method separately. By the favorable way, aromas of botanicals could be fully extracted.  


Tasting Note:

It has selected Hamagou from Miyajima and blended it with other botanicals. The main character is the refreshing herbal fragrance of Hamagou.  Enjoy a refreshing and rich fragrance.


●ALC. 47%