MARS Single Malt Tsunuki 2024 Edition Alc 50% 700ml


MARS Single Malt Tsunuki 2024 Edition Alc 50% 700ml

"Single Malt Tsunuki 2024 Edition" is produced at the Mars Tsunuki Distillery.
The distillery is located in the green mountains in the southwest of the Satsuma Peninsula, blessed with a basin-like climate with a wide range of temperatures and good spring water from the mountain.

Mainly bourbon barrels and sherry casks Vatted malt whiskey aged in a variety of casks. This single malt whiskey will be released in 2024.

"Single Malt Tsunuki 2024 Edition" is the 5th release of Single Malt Tsunuki.

Seven years have passed since its establishment in 2016, We are looking for the future direction of the company while looking at the aging process of the original sake, We have created a single malt Tsunuki with a quality that gives a sense of the future potential of the single malt Tsunuki from the sake we have now. This is a single malt product for the year 2024.

The label features a design of a pot still of Tsunuki distillery.

Nose Red butter, tart cake, strawberry jam, orangette, leather.
The nose is multilayered with sweet, heavy notes and compotered fruit.
Taste Full-bodied sweetness, bitter chocolate, cheesecake, blackberry, and bold.
Juicy fresh fruit aroma spreads behind the full-bodied sweetness, giving it a three-dimensional taste.
Finish Sweetness and fullness of barley. The pleasantly thick flavor lingers long in the aftertaste.
Type Japanese single malt whisky
Distillery Mars Tsunuki Distillery
Abv. 50%
Volume 700ml