MARS WHISKY Single Cask TSUNUKI Asian Exclusive 8th 2018 Bourbon Barrel #5300


This malt whisky was distilled in MARS Tsunuki distillery in 2018, and aged in a b bipolar climate by four seasons specific to basin terrain while located in a tropical land of Kagoshima.

Exclusively handpicked and bottled only one cask among many, making it a rare single cask whisky.

The balance of peat and ester is well balanced and nicely asserted due to the mild oakyness of the whisky.

Nose Citrus, lemon peel, smoke, cool, herbaceous
Taste Full-bodied, smoke, mineral, rich, woody
Type Japanese single cask whisky
Distillery Mars Tsunuki Distillery
Bottles 187 Bottles only
Abv. 60%
Volume 700ml