Japanese GIN WABIGIN 和美人(with box)


"Japanese GIN WABIGIN 47% is a Japanese gin that incorporates botanicals grown in the diverse natural environment of Kagoshima. It is a brushed-up version of the existing Japanese WABIGIN (45%) gin.
 The nine botanicals harvested in Kagoshima, including kumquat harvested in Tsunuki, Kaseda, Minamisatsuma, where the distillery is located, remain the same, but the addition of coriander seeds enhances the spicy juniper berry flavor, giving it a refreshing aroma and taste. The botanicals are now more harmonious than ever, bringing out the characteristics of the ingredients.
The "Satsuma Button" with the botanicals on the label is an original Satsuma-yaki design revived by Shiho Murota, a painter. It expresses the traditional techniques and nature of Kagoshima. 

●ALC. 47%