Kanosuke 嘉之助 New Born 2018

A single malt Newborn that was distilled and barreled in February 2018. Made with non-peated malt from the UK. After fermentation with distillery yeast and the first distillation in the wash still, out of Kanosuke Distillery’s two spirit stills, the second distillation took place in the spirit still that creates more body. The newmake whisky was barreled in re-charred American white oak casks that had previously been used to mature Komasa Jyozo’s barrel-aged rice shochu, Mellow Kozuru, and stored for 8 months in Kanosuke Distillery’s sea breeze-infused storehouse before being bottled at cask strength as a sweet and bright Newborn.

Tasting Note:
Color:Amber, with the thickness
Nose:The slight sweetness of maple and roasted oak aroma
Taste:After an initial youthful mouthfeel, the sweetness of malt and freshness of green apples
Finish:A cinnamon-like spiciness that lingers on the tongue●ALC. 58%