Kanosuke 嘉之助 Single Malt Whisky


Kanosuke 嘉之助 Single Malt Whisky

We are pleased to introduce Kanosuke Single Malt Whisky, a single malt Japanese whisky that will become a standard offering at Kanosuke Distillery. Kanosuke Single Malt Whisky is made from non-peat malt, aged in American white oak barrels, bottled in multiple casks, non-chill filtered, and bottled at 48% strength. Kanosuke Single Malt Whisky 2021 FIRST, 2021 SECOND and 2022 LIMITED, released between last year and this year, already enjoys a limited number of unique whiskies from different matured casks. The new Kanosuke Single Malt Whisky makes maximum use of the maturation and blending techniques developed since Mellow Kozuru, a cask-conditioned shochu created by the second generation of Kanosuke Komasa, and is designed with the unchanging concept of "a full-bodied whisky with the characteristics of the Kanosuke distillery". The packaging design is based on the theme of the sunset over the East China Sea and the horizon as seen from the Kanosuke distillery's tasting room, MELLOW BAR. Kanosuke Single Malt Whisky is distilled using three pot stills and matured in American white oak casks used for the barrel-aged shochu Mellow Kozuru. The blend is carefully checked and bottled with this as the key malt. The Kanosuke Distillery stands on the seashore of Kagoshima in southern Japan, where, as Kanosuke II said, "the sunset is the most beautiful in Japan". Please enjoy our Japanese whisky, which we put as much effort into daily production as we do into completing a painting over a long, long period of time.


Color: Candy tortoiseshell

Taste: honey, banana, lemon tea, caramel

Flavor: candied fruit, nico, ginger, slightly smoked nuts

Finish: elegantly sweet and bitter with a mild and long finish

●ALC. 48%