Hassaku Rocks


Hassaku is famous in Hiroshima, which is known as the original place of hassaku. Hassaku Rocks is 100% made from Hiroshima hassaku, to make both hassaku juice and hassaku aroma oil. Juice content is up to 70%. At the same time, acidulant and flavoring agents are not added. The most extensive feature of Hassaku Rocks is the special bitter taste from natural hassaku as well as the refreshing fragrance.


Developed the own double fragrance method, hassaku (Hiroshima yellow tangerine) peel blended with hassaku spirits extracted by alcohol dipping distillation method and hassaku aroma oil (natural) extracted by steam distillation method 


Ingredients: hassaku juice, hassaku spirits, sugar, hassaku aroma oil

Best mix with Soda water (1:1).
Balanced sweetness and acidity with hassaku natural peel aroma and straight fruit juice by double fragrance method.


●ALC. 16%


●Juice content. 70%