【FATHER'S DAY AUCTION】Mars Komagatake 27 Years Single Malt Japanese Whisky #003


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Since then, the distillery has nurtured malt whisky in the cool environment of Shinshu and produced a single malt whisky named after the sacred mountain "Komagatake" that rises to the top of the Central Alps surrounding the distillery.
"Mars Komagatake 27 Years Single Malt Japanese Whisky" is vatted with malts carefully selected through trial and error by Kenji Taniguchi, the chief blender and production manager at the time, from among rare long-aged bottles of original malt whiskey. The result is a unique yet harmonious bottle.The rich flavors of plum, apricot, and vanilla, and the spicy and complex taste can be fully enjoyed from the top to the end of the bottle.