Yaso Absinthe


YASO Absinthe

Absinthe made by distilling wild plants such as wormwood, anise seed, star anise, etc. into YASO SPIRITS, and macerating fresh spearmint, blue shiso leaf, and rosemary. The color of the liquid has a natural hue derived from botanical ingredients.

Enjoy the fresh and invigorating scent of wildflowers as well as absinthe blended with a total of 87 different ingredients.

700ml, 58% alcohol by volume

About Echigoyakuso Co.,Ltd.

 In the 45 years since its establishment, Echigoyakuso has consistently researched and developed products that combine the power of fermentation with wild plants from the natural world under the theme of health. Our flagship product "Wild Grass Enzyme Manyo", which is a combination of three elements: the "material" (wild grasses), the "container" (ceramic turtle), and the "climate" of Joetsu, which is suitable for fermentation, is the only product in the enzyme industry that has been approved as a recommended product by the Japan Society for the Prevention of Adult Diseases, a medical organization, for its quality and safety. We draw out the power of naturally occurring wild plants and deliver products that lead to health and smiles.