The Akkeshi Single Malt Blender's Choice 2022 Bourbon Barrel #1223 2 Bottles Set


This is 2 bottles set with gift box

This is the first of a series of rare single cask bottlings released for AF Trade Limited (Hong Kong only).

Master Blender Katsuyuki Tatsuzaki chose orthodox bourbon casks. The beer is heavy peated with a variety of sweet tones and a fresh citrusy taste.

Labeling the ecological environment of the diverse and wonderful Kushiro Marshland area surrounding Akkeshi with a different flavor each time, we hope to share the wonderful nature of Japan with the people of Asian countries.

Therefore, this bottle is also the first edition of the series. The schedule is always subject to change, but we plan to release the series once a year.


Gorgeous aroma of chamomile and cardamom. Sweet aroma of honey, vanilla, and brown sugar. The aroma changes to sour and aromatic like citrus, biscuit, and cocoa.

Smoky and spicy like barbecue, citrus-like acidity and sweetness.
Fire, salt butter-like saltiness and sweetness.
Type Single Cask Japanese Whisky
Bourbon Cask
3 Years 4 Months
Distillation Date
December 2018
Bottling Date
April 2022
Number of bottlings
228 bottles
Malt(50ppm, Heavily Peated)
Volume 700ml