Mars Single Malt TSUNUKI Blender’s Selection for China 4 Bottes Set


Mars Single Malt TSUNUKI Blender’s Selection MARS, JUPITER, SATURN, URANUS 4 Bottes Set 


Single Malt Japanese Whisky to be released especially for Chinese customers. We plan to continue the series of planets in our solar system in the future.The malt was selected from the Hombo distillery in Tsunuki, Kagoshima, the birthplace of Mars Whisky, This malt whisky is distilled at the Mars Tsunuki Distillery in Tsunuki, Kagoshima Prefecture, the birthplace of the Honbo Shuzo where Mars Whisky was born.
Multiple casks are batched, The malt whisky is distilled and matured in the tropics with the original spirit produced from the pot stills in Tsunuki. The distillation and maturation in the tropics gives it a deep and energetic whisky with a fruity taste. It is a deep and energetic whisky.

RELEASE 1:  Bartender's Selection for China 1st Alc 60% 700ml ( MARS )

Description  This 1st one uses malts from 3 different barrels.
All distilled in 2017, 3.5 ppm malt, Bourbon barrels
Stored for more than 3 years (more than 90% of them more than 4 years)
Nose Marmalade jam, lemon peel, citrus cotton, etc. Edgy and fruity,
oily, malty, thick aroma.
Taste Full malt flavor, sweet and full-bodied
Finish The sweetness of the malt lingers on.
Type Cask Strength, Non-chillfiltered
Abv. 60%
Volume 700ml


RELEASE 2:  Bartender's Selection for China 2nd Alc 54% 700ml ( JUPITER )

Description  Although it is a simple blend, like Jupiter's, we decided to make the most of the aroma of the barrel wood.American white oak barrels by themselves have an austere and raw wood aroma that stands out, so we used bourbon barrels as the base and mixed in an appropriate amount of American white oak barrels so that only the good parts of the American white oak barrels stand out.
The bourbon and American white oak barrels alone had similar tones and the aroma was not broad enough, so we used a small portion of cherry wood base alcohol to add acidity and freshness, and wrapped the entire bottle in a thin film to add breadth and softness.
The alcohol content was adjusted by adding a little water so that these flavors would stand out and the taste would not have the astringency of new oak. (around 53%).
Nose Custard cream, white bean paste, Japanese sweets, almonds, white flowers, elegant and calm impression.
Taste Woody, powerful, full-bodied sweetness, smooth mouthfeel.
Finish Soft, full-bodied sweetness lingers moderately.
Abv. 53%
Volume 700ml

RELEASE 3:  Bartender's Selection for China 3rd Alc 50% 700ml ( SATURN )

Description  The casks used are mainly sherry casks and bourbon casks.
Malt extracted from multiple casks is vatted to determine the flavor.
The malts used are non-peated and lightly peated.
Nose Sweet aromas of red bean paste, brown sugar and bitter chocolate derived from sherry casks, and dark fruit aromas of raisins and apple pie.
Taste Sweet, rich and thick.
Finish Soft, full-bodied sweetness lingers moderately.
Abv. 50%
Volume 700ml

RELEASE 4:  Bartender's Selection for China 4th Alc 50% 700ml ( URANUS )

Description  It will be a malt whisky distilled in 2018 and 2019 at the Mars Tsunuki distillery and matured in the warm environment of Tsunuki, Kagoshima Prefecture. This rare single malt whisky was bottled by carefully selecting only Heavily peated casks from among many casks.
This whisky is the fourth single malt whisky in the Planet Series bottled for limited distribution in China.
Nose Minerality, pencil lead, elegant and refined peat aroma, citrus and apple.Fresh and refreshing aromas of citrus and apple are well harmonized.
Taste Juicy fruitiness, peat sweetness, and a full-bodied palate.
Finish The robust, full-bodied flavor lingers on the palate for a long time.
Abv. 50%
Volume 700ml