SAKURAO Single Malt Japanese Whisky 700ml


Aged in SAKURAO, Seto Island Sea

Aged in Sakurao where our story began.
The casks that house our malt whisky are imparted with a hint of the aroma of the nearby Seto Inland Sea.
Please enjoy the comfortable smokiness, the aroma of oak, and the long-lasting rich sweetness.

Tasting Note :

Color: dark amber
Nose: raisin, orange, peach
Taste: vanilla sweetness balanced with moderate astringency and acidity
Finish: smoky and oaky,rich sweet

ALC  43%
Contents 700ml
Cask Type 4 types of cask aged more than 3 years in SAKURAO warehouse

SAKURAO DISTILLERY is located in Hatsukaichi, with the Seto Inland Sea to the south and the Chugoku Mountains to the north.Warm winds from the sea and cold winds from the mountains reach the warehouse in Sakurao, ensuring a large temperature difference is maintained throughout the year.

This temperature difference helps to accelerate the whisky maturation process. Because the storage facilities are facing the sea, the subtle aroma of the Seto Inland Sea also infuses into the casks.