Single Malt Whisky SAKURAO SINGLE CASK #5149


Sakurao Single Cask Whisky #5149 Bourbon Barrel

bottled exclusively for Asia

SAKURAO DISTILLERY was founded in Sakurao, directly facing the famous Miyajima World Heritage Site in the heart of Hatsukaichi City in Hiroshima.
It is here that we set out to create our own single malt whisky.
The unique characteristics of our region enhance the flavor of whisky.

Hiroshima is blessed with a natural environment comprising of seaside and mountainous areas, making it an excellent place to produce whisky that perfectly embodies the unique characteristics of the region.

This is the first single cask label release selected for the Asian market by Mr. Yamamoto, the chief blender of the Sakurao Distillery who released the first edition of the single malt whisky.

Please enjoy !! 

Tasting Note :

Color: Golden

Nose: Vanilla,Coconuts and softly peaty 

Palate: Maple, Honey, Soft tropical fruits and peaty

Finish: Refreshing and sharp with a sweet aftertaste


●Distilled OCT.2018

●Bottled OCT.2021

●Single Cask ( Burbon Barrel, Pleated )