The Lucky Cat Double Individuals May & Luna


May, our elder cat, and Luna, our new cat, are the two cats who do not get along with each other the best.
May seems to hate Luna, but Luna seems not to hate May,
Recently, however, they have been getting closer little by little.
May and Luna are the theme of this year's event,
This blended whisky has an aroma derived from cherry casks and a peppery taste that follows.
As the owner, two different personalities are harmonized in this whisky,
Today, I hope that May and Luna will be like the two depicted on the label.
K. Hombo

[Tasting comment]
Top Notes:
Rich and broad aroma reminiscent of sakura mochi (rice cake with cherry blossoms) and Japanese pear.

The soft mouthfeel leads to a gentle vanilla-like flavor.

A characteristic peaty aroma that follows after a faint oaky sensation.

Type : Blended Whisky
Alcohol : 43%
Volume : 700ml