Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky SEIMEI (清明) 2 BOTTLES SET #04


This is 2  bottles set wit gift box

Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky Seimei" is the 7th in the 24 Seasonal Season Series.

It is the season when the red Akkehsi-Ohashi Bridge is beautifully reflected in the clear blue sky. Swallows, birds that know the time and bring the season of colors from thousands of kilometers away. This year, too, the swallow is sure to soar down to the sweet fragrance of the Akkeshi malt.

Tasting notes:

Caramel fudge, vanilla, manuka honey, citrus, soy sauce, tide

Citrus acidity, sweetness, honey

White pepper, salty lemon, citrus bittersweet and chocolatey sweetness

Volume: 700ml,

Alcohol content: 55%