【BUNDLE SET】The Akkeshi Single Malt Blender's Choice 2023 Bourbon Barrel #1891 + Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky KEICHITSU (啓蟄)

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The Akkeshi Single Malt Blender's Choice 2023 Bourbon Barrel #1891


Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky KEICHITSU (啓蟄).
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■The Akkeshi Single Malt Blender's Choice 2023 Bourbon Barrel #1891

This is the second installment of the Akkeshi Single Cask Malt Blender's Choice Hong Kong Edition series.

Kushiro Marsh and the surrounding area of East Hokkaido has a lot of natural beauty, with dynamic and magnificent scenery and a lot of unique flora and fauna that can only be seen in the East Hokkaido area.

We would like to share this blessed nature with the world together with delicious whisky from Akkeshi. This is what we have in mind for the Belnder's Choice series.

Now, we would like to introduce a very cute and popular species, "SHIMAENAGA". The "SHIMAENAGA" lives only in Hokkaido, and its appearance in winter is compared to that of a "snow fairy," making it a very lovely creature. Of course, there are many of them living near the Akkeshi Distillery.

The bourbon barrel selected by the master blender, Mr. Tatsuzaki, is a bottle characterized by a good balance of citrus and malt-derived sweetness along with a peat-like flavor like a barbecue bonfire.


Type Single Cask Japanese Whisky
Cask Type
Bourbon Barrel
3 Years 7 Months
Distillation Date
Nov 2019
Bottling Date
Jun 2023
Volume 700ml



■Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky KEICHITSU (啓蟄)

Akkeshi Single Malt Japanese Whisky KEICHITSU 啓蟄 is the 10th in the 24 Season Series.

Kei means "opening" and Chitsu means "insects hibernating in the ground." It is the time when the earth warms up and insects that have been hibernating come out of their holes, sensing the arrival of spring. The buds of trees and flowers also loosen and move toward spring. Just as a chrysalis that has passed through a period of bitter cold turns into a beautiful butterfly, Akkeshi malt must have also developed a deep and subdued flavor.

Please enjoy the gentle sweetness and peppery flavor of the Akkeshi whisky in the springtime when the sun is shining softly.

Tasting Notes :
Citrus fruits such as dai dai, hassaku, and tangerine, brown sugar, mitarashi dango, lemongrass, orange, lemon-like sweetness and acidity, manuka honey, white pepper, black tea, salted lemon, caramel-like bitterness and sweetness.

Type : Single Malt Japanese Whiskey
Ingredients : Malt
Alcohol : 55%
Volume : 700ml