Blended Malt Japanese Whisky Mars The Y.A. #01(with box)


Blended Malt Japanese Whisky Mars The Y.A. #01

In addition to the two Japanese Whisky brands "Komagatake" from Mars Shinshu Distillery and "Tsunuki" from Mars Tsunuki Distillery, we are launching a new brand "MARS The Y.A." focusing on the place of aging warehouse , "Yakushima island.

Up to now, malt whiskies aged in Yakushima have been commercialized as "Komagatake" Yakushima aged and "Tsunuki" Yakushima aged.However, factory has decided to launch a new brand of Yakushima aged whisky, "MARS The Y.A.", in order to further promote the unique maturation environment of Yakushima maturation.

The new brand will clearly showcase the unique characteristics of the two distilleries and three maturation sites of Mars Whisky.

The 1st release is a blended malt Japanese whisky vatted mainly with malt distilled at the Mars Shinshu and Mars Tsunuki distilleries and aged in bourbon barrels.

It has a fruity aroma reminiscent of the tropics.

The flavor is reminiscent of sea breezes from the coast with its coral reefs on the east side of the cellar, and the aroma is also reminiscent of Yakushima Island.