Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky RISSHUN(立春)


Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky RISSHUN(立春) is the 14th in the 24 Season Series.

"Risshun" is the beginning of the 24 seasons and the time when the longitude of the sun reaches 315 degrees, which is around February 4 on the solar calendar. It is the midpoint between the winter solstice and the vernal equinox. Since it is calculated based on the movement of the sun, it is cold enough to be called spring, but one can sense that the days are longer than at the winter solstice. Risshun and Setsubun are also closely related. The day before Risshun is Setsubun.

The key malt is "All Hokkaido Whisky".
All Hokkaido whisky is distilled in Atsugishi using Hokkaido malt and aged in Hokkaido oak casks.
It is the "most peaty" of the 24 Setsubiki series currently available. It is a product with high expectations for those who like Akkeshi whisky.


Nose Condensed milk, Fermented butter, Whipped cream, Salt, Honey, Oven and fresh bread
Taste Peat, Citrus mix juice, Persimmon nuance in the back.
Finish Black pepper, Citrus peel, Lemon-lime cider
Type Single Malt Japanese Whisky
Volume 700ml