Akkeshi Blended Whisky Shoman(小満)


Akkeshi Blended Whisky Shoman(小満) is the 11th in the 24 Season Series.

"Shoman" is the eighth of the 24 solar terms and is the time of year when the weather is favorable, all things grow vigorously, and heaven and earth begin to be filled with life. The origin of the word "komitsu" is said to come from the word "komitsu," which means "to be satisfied with a small harvest" when one feels relieved after confirming that the ears of wheat and other crops sown in the fall have grown in order and borne fruit.

The key malt is all Hokkaido Mizunara oak. This has become a staple of Akkeshi whisky.
The cask composition is a diverse blend of bourbon, sherry, wine, mizunara, and rum. It seems to be the most rum cask-intensive blend in the Twenty-Four Season series to date.
The fruity top aroma is followed by an oriental aroma like incense and a smoky aroma, and the round mouthfeel like honey and honey, citrus, herbs, and tidal flavors are typical of Akkeshi. The taste gradually changes after you take a sip, and you can feel the depth of the flavor. It can be said that this is the ultimate in blending power.


Tasting Notes 
Nose : Pineapple, going from oriental like incense to smoky.
Taste : Honey, Mango jam, Lemon peel, Herbs
Finish : Fresh citrus acidity, tidal and spicy finish.


Type : Blended Whisky
Cask types : Bourbon, Sherry, Wine, Oak, Rum
Alcohol : 48%
Volume : 700ml