Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky HAKURO(白露)


Akkeshi Single Malt Whisky HAKURO(白露) is the 12th in the 24 Season Series.

"Hakuro" is the 15th day of the 24 solar terms, and is the third of the three seasons representing autumn in Japan. Although the lingering summer heat is still lingering during the daytime, it is the time when signs of autumn can be felt in the mornings and evenings, and autumnal delicacies such as saury and grapes come into season.

Aged for more than 3 years in Hokkaido oak barrels, etc., with some of the original barley made from barley produced in Hokkaido. The aroma is characterized by a slightly smoky peat aroma that is different from the peatiness of previous Atsukishi wines.
The oriental aroma peculiar to Mizunara oak is gradually coming to the surface. Although the smokiness is emphasized in the aroma, the taste is not so smoky, but rather bitter with a slight sweetness of citrus peel that gradually emerges. 


Nose Bonfire, Japanese citrus, Custard Pudding, Marmalade
Taste Tangerine-ginger, Orange-flavored ramune
Finish White pepper, Salted lemon, Citrus-like sweetness and peeliness
Type Single Malt Japanese Whisky
Volume 700ml