Single Malt Whisky SAKURAO SINGLE CASK #5216 for Singapore


The second in a series for Asia by a Japanese comic illustrator is a woman drinking whiskey while gazing at the night view of Marina Bay Sands. Continuing from the Hong Kong edition released this summer, the main character is Shizuka SAKURAO, who travels around Asia (and so on).

Now, the master blender has chosen a non-peated bourbon cask that has been laid down for two years in a tunnel in Togawachi and one year in the Sakurao aging house by the sea. It is a good product with a light golden color and a typical malty sweetness that is easy to drink.

It is a good piece that can be enjoyed as a collector's item.

Age 3 years (2 years in Togawachi and 1 year in Sakurao)
Bottles 210 bottles
Color Bright golden
Aroma Apple, young grass, black tea
Taste Ale, kiwi fruit, walnut
Aftertaste Sweetness of apple and apricot, oily nutty aroma like walnut, and peat aroma
Type of Cask Bourbon Barrel
Volume 700ml


Sakurao Distillery (桜尾蒸溜所) :

SAKURAO DISTILLERY was founded in Sakurao, directly facing the famous Miyajima World Heritage Site in the heart of Hatsukaichi City in Hiroshima.
It is here that we set out to create our own single malt whisky.
The unique characteristics of our region enhance the flavor of whisky.

Hiroshima is blessed with a natural environment comprising of seaside and mountainous areas, making it an excellent place to produce whisky that perfectly embodies the unique characteristics of the region.