TOGOUCHI Single Malt Japanese Whisky 700ml


Aged in TOGOUCHI, Tunnel in the Forest

Aged in the Togouchi warehouse, surrounded by lush forests and clear streams.
The aroma and taste are slowly refined as the cool breeze passes through all year round.
Please enjoy the light and smooth taste, the clean sweetness, and the crisp aftertaste.

Tasting Note :

Color: golden
Nose: vanilla, apple, marmalade, melon
Taste: light and smooth taste,clean sweetness
Finish: refreshing and gentle, with a crisp finish

ALC  43%
Contents 700ml
Cask Type Bourbon barrel aged more than 3 years in TOGOCHI tunnel

Togouchi,in the town of Akiota,is a place full of color and magnificent scenery containing lush forests and clear streams. In this area, you can find the stunning Sandan-kyo gorge as well as Mt.Osorakan and Mt.Shinnyu, which are the highest peaks in Hiroshima. An old railway tunnel that passes through the mountains has been repurposed as the warehouse in Togouchi. Unaged malt whisky is placed into casks that absorb the subtle scent of the lush natural environment and then left to mature in this dark storage space that maintains a cool temperature throughout the four seasons.