Blended Malt Japanese Whisky Mars The Y.A. #02(with box)


Blended Malt Japanese Whisky Mars The Y.A. #02

MARS The Y. A. is a whisky aged on Yakushima island, with rich water and mountains. We mature different types of malt whiskies from our Shinshu and Tsunuki distilleries and blend them to create a unique expression.
Hints of sun-ripened fruits combined with a sea breeze and smoky flavors make us imagine mystic mist-filled Yakushima forests.

Manufacturing (distillation and storage)

Yakushima Aging Cellar
The Mars Yakushima Aging Cellar is located in the Yakushima Densetsu Kura, Hombo Shuzo's shochu brewery on the World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima, where whisky is aged in the natural surroundings of Yakushima.

Mars Tsunuki Distillery
This whisky distillery in Kagoshima is located in the mountains southwest of the Satsuma Peninsula. Surrounded by Mt. Kurata to the east and Mt. Nagaya to the west, it is blessed with a mild climate and good water resources (spring water from Mt. Kurata).

Mars Shinshu Distillery
This distillery was established in 1985 at the foot of Komagatake Mountain in the Central Alps of Nagano Prefecture. It is cool and foggy, and rain and snowmelt that falls on the mountains pass through granite soil to become high-quality water.


Product name MARS The Y.A. #02
Product category Blended Malt Japanese Whisky
Mars Shinshu Distillery
Mars Tsunuki Distillery
Aging site Mars Yakushima Aging Cellar
Year of Distillation 2017~2019
Barrel type Mainly bourbon barrels
Abv. 49%
Volume 700ml
Top Sun-ripened fruits combine with the sea breeze and soft white smoke.
Palate A thick flavor develops with smoky and mineral notes.
After A rich oily taste lingers long.


This is the aging cellar located on Yakushima Island, a world natural heritage site. Yakushima, like Tsunuki, has a warm climate, but it is not as cold as Tsunuki, so the ripening process is more dynamic.

Yakushima has the theme of tropical and salty, just as Shinshu is clean and rich and Tsunuki is deep and energetic.

We hope that the maturing environment will make it so, but we are still working on various try and error to realize our goal because of the diversity of the blends by sending new pots from Shinshu and Tsunuki to be matured and blended.