Single Malt Kanouske 嘉之助 2023 LIMITED EDITION


Single Malt Kanosuke 2023 LIMITED EDITION


"Single Malt Kanosuke 2023 LIMITED EDITION 59% 700ml" is a single malt Kanosuke distillery produced in.
This is the fourth limited edition and the first peated whisky.
It is a single malt Japanese whisky produced at the Kanosuke distillery, brewed with peat malt in 2018-19 and matured in shochu litchi and sherry casks.
The main ingredient is the original spirit matured in 2018-19 in peat malt, vatted in multiple casks, and bottled at cask strength.
The mellow sweetness and lingering aftertaste are the main characteristics of this wine. Enjoy the mellow sweetness and lingering smoky flavor.

Malt --- English peated and non-peated malt
Yeast --- Distillery yeast
Pot still (copper distillation vessel) --- Miyake Seisakusho
First distillation vessel : 6,000L
Second distillation vessel : 3,000L,1,600L
Storage casks --- Vatted in multiple casks, mainly from original liquors matured in shochu rich casks and sherry casks.


Color Deep yellow umber
Nose Banana, custard cream, nikki candy, iburigakko
Taste Salted caramel, black tea, yatsuhashi, blood orange
Finish The lingering aroma of summer oranges, pepper, and bonfires continues to be gentle.


●ALC. 59%