Mars Single Malt Komagatake Double Cellars Bottled in 2019


This is a single malt whisky distilled at Mars Shinshu distillery in 2014 and vatted 2 kinds of malt whisky aged in Shinshu distillery and Yakushima aging cellar.
Feel spicy and salty flavor a little into aroma like bitter chocolate and apricot. Well balanced blending, you enjoy comfortable long finish like citrus and cookies.


Tasting Note:

Top note

Apricot, ripe plum, bitter chocolate, cocoa, baked custard pudding, creamy and aroma of sherry.

Slightly citrus flavor, a little spicy and salty, butterscotch, cookies.

Vanilla, a flavor coming from the barrel, maple syrup, raisin.


●ALC. 47%