Mars Single Malt Komagatake Yakushima Aging Bottled in 2021


Single Malt Komagatake Yakushima Aging" is a single malt whisky distilled at the Mars Shinshu Distillery and matured on Yakushima Island, a World Natural Heritage Site located about 60 km south-southwest of the Kagoshima mainland.
For this fourth release, the malt whisky is mainly vatted from malt that has been matured in bourbon barrels for three to five years. The result is a whisky with a rich, sweet aroma reminiscent of vanilla, a fruity aroma reminiscent of bananas, and an impressive smoky flavor derived from peat.
We hope you will enjoy this unique Mars malt whisky, made in a cool environment and matured in a humid climate with lots of rainfall in the characteristic terrain, which is also called the "Alps of the Ocean".

●ALC. 56%