Komasa Brewery has launched "BARTENDER CRAFT", a new genre of "Bottled Cocktail", which offers high quality, carefully selected cocktails made with the craftsmanship of bartenders in bottles.

Mr. Kenichi Tomita (富田健一氏)

FRAGRANT PARISIEN × the bar nano gould." was born as BARTENDER CRAFT #02. The "PARISIEN x the bar nano gould." project was created under the supervision of Kenichi Tomita, the owner of the bar nano gould. "Komasa Gin Sakurajima Komikan" has a refreshing citrus flavor, and by adding carefully selected French luxury cassis liqueur and aperitif wine, the beautiful color, mellow aroma and taste are matched.

In addition, star anise (octagon) with its unique strong and sweet aroma, and cloves (dongji) with their sweet, rich, numbing, and stimulating flavor are macerated for two days. The result is a cocktail with a Parisian twist (a modern twist on a traditional cocktail or a bartender's interpretation).

The sweetness of the cassis liqueur and the mellow aroma of the aperitif wine envelop the freshness of the "Komasa Gin Sakurajima Small Mandarin Oranges" in this mouthwatering cocktail. This cocktail is popular among women because of its beautiful appearance and smooth taste, and just pouring it into a glass creates a picture. It is recommended to drink it as an aperitif (before dinner). It should be served chilled and straight.

●ALC. 28%